#EarnThisVote: Clinton Comes to Nashville

Pic 1

Friday, November 20th, the Hillary Clinton campaign visited Nashville and held a fundraising rally at the historic Fisk University. The campaign invited students from Fisk and Meharry Medical College to stand behind the stage as Clinton spoke to the crowd.

Pic 2

Unknown to the campaign was that a few of the chosen Meharry medical students were also some of BLM Nashville’s own freedom fighters. These students and residents of North Nashville stood behind Clinton as she spoke and offered a silent sign of solidarity to the movement and reminded us all that, yes, even Democrats would have to #EarnThisVote.

Pic 3

This comes months after the Black Lives Matter Network released a statement about endorsements and the Democratic Party:

While the Black Lives Matter Network applauds political change towards making the world safer for Black life, our only endorsement goes to the protest movement we’ve built together with Black people nationwide — not the self-interested candidates, parties, or political machine seeking our vote.

And follows the BLM Network petitioning the Democratic Party to hold a #BlackLivesMatter Debate.


Our revolutionaries weren’t done, as they delivered a letter to Clinton as she left.

BLM Nashville affirms the statement and sentiment from the Black Lives Matter Network by demanding that all our politicians #EarnThisVote.


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