Welcome to the Poor People’s March: Message to Nashville MLK Day


Welcome to the poor people’s march

We are here to reclaim the legacy of MLK

We continue the fight against police brutality

against state-sanctioned killing of Black people by law enforcement

against racial profiling


against poverty,

against under-education

against healthcare disparities,

against for-profit prison systems

and against corrupt political systems

that continue to disproportionately affect

black people,

brown people,

poor people

immigrant people

homeless people

low-wage workers

and middle-class workers.

We are here to RECLAIM MLK!

We are taking back our freedom fighter ancestor

From commercialized community service and color-blindness

This holiday is not a celebration

But a RE-declaration

Of what MLK said before he was slain

We will not march behind the institutions that kill us

We will not march behind the govt that pushes us out

Not behind gentrification

Not behind racism

Not behind sexism

Not behind the unequal distribution of wealth

This is a take back

By the people

Welcome to the poor people’s march!

Today we mourn the loss of our ancestors

Killed while fighting for freedom

Killed by the police

Killed by lack of healthcare

Killed by homophobia and transphobia

Killed by state violence

Killed by violence in their communities

If we make you uncomfortable


Racism, Gentrification, low-wages, Poor Schools, No healthcare

Makes us uncomfortable

Some of us DIE

Let that sink in

While we do a die in

For 4 min

To honor the fallen

Please join us

Delivered to Nashville MLK Day Marchers from Black Lives Matter Nashville organizers on January 18, 2016. Written by BLM Nashville organizer Jessica Sutton.


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